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Inquiry and technology

I have learned lots from this inquiry protect. I have deepened my understanding on inquiry which is essentially answering an open-ended question that can lead to more questions. It is a personalized learning plan students create on their own to explore a subject in depth. Using inquiry allows the students to learn what they are passionate about. Generally speaking the current education system is very structured. Inquiry eliminates the structure and allows for exploration. At first I found the idea very scary as a person who likes structure however this project has been very enjoyable as I got to learn more about what I am interested in. Therefore a positive to this learning style is maximum student engagement as students are passionate about the questions they attempt to answer. Inquiry has helped my self regulation skills which I needed to finish this project. I believe this system is super beneficial to teach children critical thinking and creativity skills transferable to future careers. I am now able to express myself using my blog. I have also started to learn how create a professional portfolio online. I used headspace, watched online workout videos and looked up online recipes. I have learned lots about how technology can support learning and my future pedagogy.


I was not able to eat healthy, go to the gym and meditate during the school term. I believe that some people may be able to but it really depends on the kind of person you are. It also depends on other key factors like work which I have to fit into my schedule in order to have the means to live. I am someone who is very academically inclined and could not allow the time needed to be fully healthy and succeed in my school work. Theres a fine balance between feeling good after working out or feeling stressed because you lost time to do homework. I have found having a set schedule helps allow time to work out, cook and meditate. I am very exited for school to be over so I can get back on track with my workout schedule. Fitness healthy foods and meditation can improve your health, attitude and mood. The weeks I didn’t follow the WW app I felt poorly about my body. The weeks I didn’t work out I felt extremely tiered and irritable and the weeks without meditation I didn’t feel in tune with my body and emotions. Finding a balance and creating a schedule is crucial to maintaining a healthy life style.

Meditation and hiking

I have been using headspace these past weeks. I started with a free 10 day basic pack. Headspace is an app created to guide people through meditation. I have learned more about what mindfulness is and how to be in the moment. Meditation is shown to help with sleep focus and anxiety. The app has actually been working super well. Spending a couple minutes a day has been helping me feel more grounded and relaxed throughout the day.I planned to go on a hike this weekend with my friend. My plans were foiled when it started getting dark at 3:30 right when we were planning on going. So the next day I planned to go however there was a rockslide near mt. Finn where we had planned on going. Instead me and my friend went to Mt. Doug/Pkols and the Uvic gardens. The garden was amazing. It was a little cold outside but it worked out because we went and walked the gardens after hiking the mountain. Hiking is great to become closer to the environment and it acts as a good workout.

New recipes

So I’ve realized eating healthier is more expensive and way more time consuming. No wonder our obesity rates are in 10 countries around the world. Ive tried a few new dinner recipes from Monday to Sunday. Monday I made salmon with dill sauce, asparagus and rice. Tuesday I experimented with some different salads using fruit. I put strawberries apples and avocado in it was delicious. Wednesday I made some roasted brussel sprouts with quinoa. Thursday I made a delicious vegetable soup and cauliflower with cheese. Friday I baked lasagna using a few noodles zucchini and tomato and I made sweet potatoes as a side dish. Saturday night I cooked broccoli stir fry and carrots. Throughout the week I have been eating lots of chicken and eggs for breakfast and lunch because they are low point foods.

Sports and workout classes

Ever since I was little I have played high competitive sports. I play on the UVIC softball team but right now is the off season. I used to play rep hockey. But I aged out this year so I’ve decided to join a women league. The women’s league has been good as it has gotten me on the ice doing cardio. It is not the most competitive league but it is fun nonetheless. Now that school has ramped up I’ve been struggling to find time to make health food and go to the gym. I have decided that the only way I can allow time for the gym will be by signing up for a class and holding myself accountable. I signed up for a pilates class at UVIC that has class ever Tuesday. Pilates has been amazing we start with cardio and then focus on core and then we finish the class with stretching. I have also went to two drop in yoga classes. Yoga is good for introspection and becoming in touch with your body. All this exercise is great however, the more exercise I do the hungrier I am so I did go a little over my week points on WW. 

Eating Healthy

This week I am planning on eating healthy. I have always struggled to eat healthy so I bought a membership to WW. This app lets me know how many points I can have a day and every food is a certain amount of points. Chicken eggs fish fruit and vegetables are the only foods that aren’t any points. I am allowed 23 points a day. First four days of the week went great but the forth day I went over the points because my family had thanksgiving dinner. The day after I also went over because I forgot to save points for the wine I drank with friends. But the WW has been going well overall. I hope to continue with it.

Working out

This week I have been focusing on workouts. I am planing on working out three days this week. During the summer I go to the gym everyday because I have time however during the school year my time is limited. I did go to the gym however I feel behind in my school work. I talked to a uvic kinesiology graduate about what workouts are best health wise. She explained it is important to work the lower body upper body and core. A variety of workouts is important to help new muscle growth. She also explained how it is beneficial to start your workout with cardio to help with fat burning. The workout plan she created for me uses lower and upper body. It was difficult because I didn’t know some of the exercises and had to look them up at the gym. I was also super sore as I hadn’t worked out in a while. But once I got the hang of it the third workout of the week was great. The only issue is I am now behind in my school work.


My plan for the weekend was cook healthy foods and go to the gym but unfortunately I am sick and therefore too tired to go to the gym. As for the healthy foods I did make a smoothie but besides that I just ate my regular sick food palate soup and ice cream. I decided to be productive and focus on my well being therefore I had a bath using a bath balm with serotonin. The serotonin is supposed to increase happiness. I tried meditation later from a mindful app.  I hope to continue using the meditation app. It was so relaxing I feel asleep. Sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle so I’m going to let it slide. After my nap I cleaned my room and did my homework in order to feel organized for the beginning of a new week.

My Inquiry Question

Being a student is hard work for any program whether you are taking 4 classes in sciences or 6 classes in education. My inquiry question is how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while being a student? What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle? In the attempts to answer my question I decided I would start going to the gym more having a set work out plan, eating healthier and learning to cook more healthy meals. I am also planning to do things for my mental well being such as meditation.

I am hoping a healthier lifestyle will alter my mood. I have doubts though because the biggest reason I do not maintain a super healthy lifestyle is due to the time commitment that goes along with it. I usually do not have time to go to the gym because I am studying and I make the fastest food in order to finish all my homework. I also try to leave some time to hangout with friends. The idea of being healthy although important ends up being the first thing to go when I’m stressed and have a project to finish.

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