I have been using headspace these past weeks. I started with a free 10 day basic pack. Headspace is an app created to guide people through meditation. I have learned more about what mindfulness is and how to be in the moment. Meditation is shown to help with sleep focus and anxiety. The app has actually been working super well. Spending a couple minutes a day has been helping me feel more grounded and relaxed throughout the day.I planned to go on a hike this weekend with my friend. My plans were foiled when it started getting dark at 3:30 right when we were planning on going. So the next day I planned to go however there was a rockslide near mt. Finn where we had planned on going. Instead me and my friend went to Mt. Doug/Pkols and the Uvic gardens. The garden was amazing. It was a little cold outside but it worked out because we went and walked the gardens after hiking the mountain. Hiking is great to become closer to the environment and it acts as a good workout.