Ever since I was little I have played high competitive sports. I play on the UVIC softball team but right now is the off season. I used to play rep hockey. But I aged out this year so I’ve decided to join a women league. The women’s league has been good as it has gotten me on the ice doing cardio. It is not the most competitive league but it is fun nonetheless. Now that school has ramped up I’ve been struggling to find time to make health food and go to the gym. I have decided that the only way I can allow time for the gym will be by signing up for a class and holding myself accountable. I signed up for a pilates class at UVIC that has class ever Tuesday. Pilates has been amazing we start with cardio and then focus on core and then we finish the class with stretching. I have also went to two drop in yoga classes. Yoga is good for introspection and becoming in touch with your body. All this exercise is great however, the more exercise I do the hungrier I am so I did go a little over my week points on WW.