I was not able to eat healthy, go to the gym and meditate during the school term. I believe that some people may be able to but it really depends on the kind of person you are. It also depends on other key factors like work which I have to fit into my schedule in order to have the means to live. I am someone who is very academically inclined and could not allow the time needed to be fully healthy and succeed in my school work. Theres a fine balance between feeling good after working out or feeling stressed because you lost time to do homework. I have found having a set schedule helps allow time to work out, cook and meditate. I am very exited for school to be over so I can get back on track with my workout schedule. Fitness healthy foods and meditation can improve your health, attitude and mood. The weeks I didn’t follow the WW app I felt poorly about my body. The weeks I didn’t work out I felt extremely tiered and irritable and the weeks without meditation I didn’t feel in tune with my body and emotions. Finding a balance and creating a schedule is crucial to maintaining a healthy life style.