I have learned lots from this inquiry protect. I have deepened my understanding on inquiry which is essentially answering an open-ended question that can lead to more questions. It is a personalized learning plan students create on their own to explore a subject in depth. Using inquiry allows the students to learn what they are passionate about. Generally speaking the current education system is very structured. Inquiry eliminates the structure and allows for exploration. At first I found the idea very scary as a person who likes structure however this project has been very enjoyable as I got to learn more about what I am interested in. Therefore a positive to this learning style is maximum student engagement as students are passionate about the questions they attempt to answer. Inquiry has helped my self regulation skills which I needed to finish this project. I believe this system is super beneficial to teach children critical thinking and creativity skills transferable to future careers. I am now able to express myself using my blog. I have also started to learn how create a professional portfolio online. I used headspace, watched online workout videos and looked up online recipes. I have learned lots about how technology can support learning and my future pedagogy.