We started class today with more technology presentations. We learned about environmental awareness through technology and technology that can help mental health. We also learned about gasification in the classroom and coding. Mr Rich Mccue came back into our class for the rest of our class. He expanded my knowledge base on augmented reality. He allowed us to practice on the augmented reality app using iPads. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xd7sgc-oj6dpr5z2uZN3XNTbYbH95cbrilG80wfJCr0/edit

Later a group of about 6 of us left the building to try virtual reality. This was my first time trying virtual reality. Today I learned girls are more likely to suffer from motion sickness when using virtual reality and children under 13 shouldn’t be using it. Virtual reality was super cool. I got to explore using google maps, although I wish I went in the other group. They had a more interactive experience using virtual reality. Todays class was super interesting I was happy I had the opportunity to experience virtual reality. At the very end of class we talked about all the things we learned throughout the year in EDCI336.