The class started with my peers presenting their tech inquiry projects. I learned about the positive and negative impacts of technology. I also learned how to improve math literacy, english literacy and french literacy through the use of technology. 

The second half of the class we spent learning from Rich Mccue. Our class got an introduction to the world of coding. I found out there are many resources available for kids to learn coding. One site is scratch which uses tinkered create stories using coding. I used scratch to create an african safari scene where the animals moved around on the page.

There is also a great site called grasshopper that uses more typed text. It is more similar to real coding. I honestly found the sites a little challenging as someone who has never coded before. I will be using these platforms more to practice as it may help me in my future teaching. For anyone else who would like to experiment with coding I would recommend checking out Rich Mccue’s website that gives step by step instructions.